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HOw it works

Welcome to PRESTO!


The information below should answer any questions you have about using your membership, as well as how to make the most of our pickup and drop off services.


Follow the steps below to make your laundry pickup and delivery

as easy as possible!


EASY AS 1...

Remove hand-wash only items from your laundry.


Remove loose articles: cash, pens, lighters, coins, etc. from your pockets.


Place your laundry in a basket/bag by your door. Don't worry, we won't keep your favorite basket! Your laundry will be transferred to an individual use laundry bag for travel to our facility.



Currently, all of our laundry services are "contactless" by default . If you would like to change this, please contact us and let us know.


1. On pickup day you will receive a notification email.

(The email will show your concierge's estimated arrival time.)

2. You may place your bag(s)/ basket(s) outside of your front door, close to your concierge's arrival time.

3. When concierge arrives, he/she  will immediately retrieve your laundry and quickly transfer to vehicle.

4. Once pickup is complete, you will receive a notification email!


Delivery is exactly the same as pick-up! Laundry will be delivered to the same location it was retrieved from.


If you purchase a package, your laundry will be delivered in PRESTO branded rental bins/bags.

Rental bins must be returned upon next pick-up.

Bins, damaged or not returned will incur a $35 fee/per bin. 

If you would like to purchase your own rental bins, please email for color options and client decals!


If we arrive for pick-up and no laundry is available for pickup, this will incur and additional $12 fee!

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