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The freedom box

The FREEDOM BOX ensures formerly incarcerated citizens have the basic - yet crucial - items needed to reintegrate into society; so he or she may make a positive impact in his/her community. Through donation support, we demonstrate our humanity and directly encourage fellow citizens who may be grappling with the fierce adversity of assimilation and social stigma. We support those whom have paid their debt to society, demonstrated reform, and are lawfully granted the opportunity to embark upon their freedom! 

Donations on this platform supply boxes filled with essential items. These items are sent to deserving families, who sponsor a man or woman that:

1. Have a proven track record of rehabilitation within a Federal Prison in which they have served at least 15 years.

2.Will be released from prison within 24-36 months from application date (in order to complete all 10 Phases of the FREEDOMBOX Program).

3. Are at least 30 years of age or older.


Twenty Thousand Twenty Two 
freedom box winner

Earl Thomas

The village box

The VILLAGE BOX supplies10 boxes, per year, filled with essential mother and baby items.

These items are sent to deserving families, who sponsor a woman that:

1. Has a proven track record of outstanding achievement in academics and extra-curricular programs (sports, STEM, debate, etc.) prior to pregnancy.

2. Is low-income and at least 24 weeks into pregnancy.

3. Is 21 years of age or younger.  

The VILLAGEBOX ensures young ladies embarking upon the momentous journey of motherhood are:

1. Inspired to choose life;


2. Experience true humanity;


3. Feel the support, encouragement and power of a village. 

Twenty Thousand Twenty Two 
village box winneRS

Accepting Applications

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