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Air BnB Cleaning



*Want your guest to smile bright when they open the door to your Air Bnb? Then book a clean with PRESTO today!*


Air BnB Single Service

*Meant for premium light housekeeping with premium cleaning standards; Not an after-party clean.


Your service includes inspection, premium cleaning, sanitization, furniture polishing, dusting, mopping, bed-making & trash removal for:


  • Up to 3 Bedroom property
  • Up to 2 Bathrooms
  • All common areas (KITCHEN/LIV RM/DIN RM/OFFICE, ETC), stairs, hallways


Additional Fees for:

Dirty Dishes/Dish Washing $25

Fecal Matter/Vomit Removal $35

Furniture Rearrangement $35


After Party Cleans:

Loaded refrigerator

Clothes in laundry room + washer machine

Trash throughout the house and under beds

Furniture Re-arranged

Dirty pots and pans in oven and on stove

Toiletries left all over bathroom

Bottles and beer cans throughout the home

Stains on the walls (Requires wall scouring and disinfecting)

Stains on furniture and carpeting


3 or more infractions constitute as a Party Clean Additional- Fee $100


Visit our new IG page @prestohuntsville for visual media displays of service!



These specifications provide for accomplishing janitorial services in a professional and workmanlike manner, in strict and complete compliance with Federal and State Safety guidelines and subject to the terms and conditions of this contract. The following services are included in your Premium Cleaning Package, Type D -Small Business.


Sanitation of all touch surfaces, soft surfaces.


Sweeping - Includes brush or mop sweeping compound if required, or mechanical brush-vacuum sweeping, without damage or disfigurement of furniture, doors or base trim.


Damp-Mopping - Cleaning of floor surfaces using cotton or sponge yarn mops, appropriate stain removal agents, heated water and detergent, if required, using as small amount of water as possible.


Vacuum Carpets (spot clean) – Vacuum all carpeted common areas, heavy traffic areas and entranceways.


Vacuum Carpets – Vacuum all carpeted surfaces, inclusive of all offices and workstations.


Upholstery Maintenance – Vacuum, spot clean and sanitize small furniture associated with site/customer presentation.


Plumbing Fixtures and Dispenser Cleaning - Plumbing fixtures and dispensers are clean when free of all deposits and stains so that item is left without streaks, dust, film, odor or stains.


Spot Cleaning - A surface adequately spot cleaned is free of all stains, deposits and is substantially free of cleaning marks.


Glass Cleaning - All glass surfaces are to be cleaned without streaks, film, deposits, and stains, and will have a uniformly bright appearance and adjacent surfaces will be wiped clean.


Cleaning Rest Rooms - This work includes cleaning all plumbing fixtures; lavatories, toilet bowls, group wash fountains, dispensers, baby changing stations; spot cleaning wainscot, doors, stall partitions and all laminate counters as required; and filling all paper, soap and feminine napkin dispensers as needed. Scouring powder may be used on plumbing fixtures or ceramic tile to remove stubborn stains or deposits. A toilet bowl cleaner may be used for water closets and urinals if required. All stains or spots shall be removed from ceramic tile, wainscot and staff partitions using a damp cloth, with detergent and chlorine bleach. Floors shall be dry swept and damp mopped. Shower walls shall be wiped dry and the floor cleaned.


Cleaning Doors and Trim: Clean doors and adjacent trim not otherwise cleaned.


Dusting Horizontal Surfaces Other Than Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment - Dust with treated dust cloth or vacuum all horizontal surfaces of windows, radiators, baseboards and other horizontal surfaces in reach from the floor.


Empty Waste Receptacles - Empty all waste receptacles, inclusive of all exterior cigarette receptacles, and remove trash and paper from building and deposit in collection facilities provided for this purpose by PRESTO.


Clean Light Fixtures - Dust all accessible components of incandescent and fluorescent light fixtures including bulbs, tubes, lenses and diffusers with a cloth or yarn duster. Clean fixtures with a damp cloth at frequencies indicated.


Turning off Lights – Janitorial staff shall be responsible to turn off interior lights after the conclusion of their nightly operations.




SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT: The CONTRACTOR will furnish all supplies and equipment for accomplishment of all work. CONTRACTOR’s equipment shall be of the size and type suitable for accomplishing the various phases of work described herein, shall operate from existing sources of electrical power and shall have low noise level of operations. Equipment considered to be improper or inadequate for the purpose shall be removed from the job and replaced with satisfactory equipment. All equipment shall be stored on site. All supplies must conform to manufacturer requirements as defined in the O&Ms.


MATERIAL AND SUPPLIES - The CONTRACTOR shall furnish all materials and supplies required. All materials and supplies must conform to manufacturer requirements as defined in the O&Ms.


SUPPLIES USED - Unless otherwise specified, supplies shall be of the highest quality and most suitable type or grade for the respective work under contract. Any item with potentially flammable or otherwise harmful qualities shall not be used. All supplies must conform to manufacturer requirements as defined in the O&Ms.


PERSON PROTECTION AND EQUIPMENT (PPE) - CONTRACTOR shall be responsible to provide, instruct and replace/upgrade as necessary, any and all PPE, as required or recommended by OSHA 1910.132 or other such regulation, for all of their employees.


EMPLOYEE QUALIFICATIONS - PRESTO shall employ only personnel skilled in janitorial work. Because of possible contact with classified equipment or papers, no person shall be employed whose loyalty to the United States is questionable. PRESTO assumes total responsibility of its employees, subcontractors, 4 agents and invitees. Employees must be able to complete a security background check and be approved by the Limited Liability Corporation, prior to working on-site.


SUPERINTENDENCE BY PRESTO: Employees shall at all times during hours specified for service, provide an on-site working janitorial supervisor who can efficiently and effectively communicate, in written and verbal forms, with both the Limited Liability Corporation and to their subordinate janitorial staff. Supervisor to provide adequate supervision of his employees to ensure complete and satisfactory performance of all work in accordance with information as to how and where he/she or his/her representative can be contacted during the performance business hours. 

Air BnB Cleaning

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