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mom's night off

Mom, go ahead...relax and leave the chores to us.

 'Mom's Night Off' provides you with a suite of professional cleaning and concierge laundering services so you can relax and enjoy some "you" time. 

Bookings are available on select Fridays, each month. 


While you're away or relaxing at home, a member of our domestic team will complete the following services:

- Sanitization of your Kitchen, Bathrooms, counter tops, railings . knobs & switches

- Premium Kitchen Cleaning 

- Premium Bathroom Cleaning (2.5 bathrooms max)

- Vacuuming (5 rooms max)

- 4 Large loads of laundry (detergent, sanitize, wash, dry, fold + 24 hour return service)

- Exclusive discount on your Pearl ($25 off) or Platinum ($35 off) membership!

Buy for yourself, or a special mom in your life. Makes an amazing surprise gift. Slots are limited each month, so book now!

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